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  • Coordinate implementation of a housing and service system
  • Plan a Point-In-Time count
  • Facilitate the development of Strategic Plans
  • Consult with ESG recipients

Systems Operations

  • Establish performance targets, monitor performance, evaluate outcomes, and work with poor performers
  • Evaluate ESG and CoC project outcomes
  • Establish a coordinated assessment system
  • Develop written standards for providing assistance

Kelsey Addy
Director of Planning
(518) 489-4130 x107

Maggie Watson
Community Liaison
(518) 489-4130 x101

Nicolas Cassaro
Planning Associate
(518) 489-4130

Samantha Barnaby
Senior Planning Associate
(518) 489-4130 x106

Erin Reale
Community Liaison
(518) 489-4130 x116

Denise Brodt
Community Liaison
(518) 489-4130 x112

Amy Lacey
Community Data Analyst
(518) 489-4130 x111