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Regional Racial Justice
Advisory Committee

Summary & Commitment

The Regional Racial Justice Advisory Committee (RRJAC) was formed to provide opportunities for CoCs and community members to get involved in actionable systems change to address racial disparities within the homelessness service sector.

The CARES Commitment:
In July 2020, CARES of NY, Inc. dedicated staff time and funding to support the development and capacity building of a Regional Racial Justice Advisory Committee.

Mission & Principles

The mission of the Regional Racial Justice Advisory Committee is to serve local Continuums of Care as a primary resource and catalyst for the work of racial justice within the homeless service system.


• To support, engage and advise the work of local Continuum of Care racial justice committees within the geographic area CARES of NY, Inc. serves.

• To keep the focus of the racial justice committee on long term, structural and systemic change within the homeless service.

• To focus on issues within the homeless service system to address and ensure the dignity and rights of people of color who are socially, politically, or economically disadvantaged.

• To maximize opportunities to assist and work with organizations, coalitions, and neighborhood groups to promote our common interests of racial equity within the homeless service system

CARES of NY, Inc. Points of Contact:

Michelle Sandoz-Dennis, Deputy Director

Erin Reale, Community Liaison

Allyson Ryan, VISTA, Racial Justice Committee Coordinator

Committee Co-Chairs

Candice Whatley, Legal Aid Society of Rockland

Meghan Meyerson, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany

Abra Vermette, Citizen's Advocates

Committee Structure

A minimum of 3 RRJAC representatives are chosen by CoC Board Chairs

Two meetings a month
First and third Mondays between 1:00 PM and 2:30 PM

Commitment & Goal

Commitment and participation within the Committee is greatly appreciated. Without the participation of our members, the Committee would not be able to advise and support the CoC’s work towards racial justice and equity within the homeless service system. As a Committee, we are committing to full participation and work on advising our CoCs towards racially just systematic change within the homeless system.

Time Commitment:

o dedicate 7-10 hours a month (2-3 hrs a week) on RRJC products
o attending meetings
o preparing for local CoC presentation meetings
o meetings with the CARES of NY, Inc. Racial Justice Community Liaison

Active Participation:

o Contribute to discussion
o Email notice to Chairs/CARES staff if you need to miss a meeting
o Attend catch-up call after missed meetings

Identifying CoC Racial Disparities with HMIS Data

Racial Disparities Data Analysis: STEPS

Racial Disparities Data Analysis: BOS

Racial Disparities Data Analysis: HSPB, RCHSC, & SNC

Racial Disparities Data Analysis: FEHC, Ulster, HSPB

To view more videos like these, head over to the CARES of NY, Inc. YouTube Channel

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RRJAC Committee Representation


CoC Representatives:

Susan Bull, Suzanne Krull


CoC Representatives:

Katrina Middleton, Keion Hennessey


CoC Representatives:

Wendy Wahlberg, Tamera Flanders


CoC Representatives:

Jaharia Liz



CoC Representatives:

Starletta Smith


FEHC- NY 520

CoC Representatives:

Abra Vermette


PNHC - NY 522

CoC Representatives:

William Brown, Caitlin Lashbrooks


SNC- NY 523

CoC Representatives:

Carrie Wright, Adam Feldman


RCCC - NY 606

CoC Representatives:

Candice Whatley, Sheeba Mathai


Ulster - NY 608

CoC Representatives:

Dominique Mills, Salvador Altamarino

Balance of State

Balance of State - NY 525

CoC Representatives:

Rick Umholtz, Linda Camoin, Sarah Watson, Arden Estep

Ashley Brody, Ann Ellsworth, Deborah Worden, Toni Taylor