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Audra K. Higgins

Board Member Since 2018

Simmons Capital Group

Objective Statement

I am passionate about finding ways to share the skills I have from my daily work as a planner, educator and problem-solver, to enhance the lives of those in need. To serve at CARES of NY allows me to radiate out to so many front line agencies and assist in eliminating homelessness from our region and beyond. My personal goal is to provide whatever support is needed to facilitate the CARES team achieving it’s mission.

Steve Goetz

Board Member Since 2019

Director of Finance and Administration
Janitronics Facility Services

Objective Statement

The goal in joining any board in my experience is to find an organization that is passionate about its purpose or community in which they serve and can also help you grow personally and professionally. I was asked to join the board by an existing board member and was blown away after meeting with the Nancy about not only her passion for the organization, but her excitement in learning and growing with me. I hope to bring my experience as a finance professional to help guide Cares in the right direction now and into the future growth of the organization.

Scott Joralemon

Board Member Since 2018

PNJ Technology Partners, Inc.

Objective Statement

I had heard great things about CARES and had met with Nancy to talk about the CARES mission and cause. I was thoroughly impressed with Nancy and all the various ways CARES supports it’s tenants and community’s. I had delt with some homelessness issues with my Uncle so this all hit home for me. I enjoy serving on the board, such a great group of people with a propose to help others.

Mario D. Cometti

Board Member Since 2018

Cometti Law Firm

Objective Statement

I was honored to be asked to join CARES as a Board Member. From day one I saw CARES as a groundbreaking organization, uniquely qualified to guide and support other not-for-profits in these challenging times.

Ruth Kassel

Board Member Since 2018

Associate Director, Community Engagement
Siena College

Objective Statement

I joined the board because I enjoyed many of the collaborative projects I had done with CARES in the past. I gravitate toward community development work that combines data with community-level action. On the board, I hope to continue to connect CARES to the resources our different institutions of higher ed offer and lend my experience in diversity and racial justice work. I have helped bring young talent to CARES through my campus programs and hope there will be many more.

Kathy Leyden

Board Member Since 2018

Director, Community Engagement

Objective Statement

I have long been a “fan” of CARES as an organization and the important role that CARES plays in community planning and the procurement of funds to address and prevent homelessness in communities around NYS. I am passionate about issues related to homelessness and the opportunity that exists for system partners to work more closely together to tackle the root causes of homelessness. As a board member, I strive to provide meaningful support to the organization in fulfilling its mission and to contribute expertise I’ve gained through my background in homeless & housing services and healthcare.

Maxine Y. George

Board Member Since 2020

The Alternative Living Group, Inc.

Objective Statement

I have joined the Cares Board because I strongly believe that a diverse Board allows for the group to better anticipate and consider the concerns and perspectives of all key constituencies. Additionally, homelessness is a plague upon the poor and data show that though African Americans represent only 13 percent of the general population, they account for 40 percent of persons experiencing homelessness. My passion is to have an impact upon the lives of those who are voiceless among us.