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at CARES of NY, Inc.

Decades of Success

CARES has provided housing and case management services for vulnerable populations in Albany for nearly 20 years. Our portfolio of housing includes: owning and operating 24 apartments for formerly homeless households, case managing a 70-unit rental assistance program in partnership with Albany Housing Authority, and coming soon 15 new apartments on two sites owned and operated by CARES for formerly homeless individuals and families. CARES’ housing model is one of supportive housing and housing first.

Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing is the most cost-effective solution to end homelessness. CARES is a proud member of the Supportive Housing Network of New York and committed to the supportive housing model which is a proven best practice to reduce homelessness. Supportive housing is permanent affordable housing with onsite services that help formerly homeless, vulnerable tenants, achieve housing and health stability.

CARES Supportive Housing Portfolio

CARES’ Supportive Housing Programs

Collaborative Care

CARES owns and manages 24 apartments in the City of Albany for singles and families. All tenants receive rent subsidies and case management services which aim to assist tenants achieve housing stability, attain income, improve physical and mental health, and live a good quality of life. Each year tenants celebrate summer and the holidays with a community meal and celebration.

CARES Housing Case Management Program

Collaborative Care Casework

As a partner with the Albany Housing Authority, CARES provides case management services to over 70 households in the City of Albany. These tenants are formerly homeless persons with a qualifying disabling condition including serious mental illness, chronic health conditions, HIV/AIDS, and substance abuse which negatively impacts daily living. Staff work with offsite providers such as visiting nurses to coordinate efforts for medication management and with medical and mental health case managers to help remind tenants of upcoming appointments and arrange transportation to attend appointments. CARES coordinates monthly care coordination meetings with offsite providers to discuss tenant progress and outstanding needs to ensure tenants thrive in our housing programs.

Coming Soon, CARES Housing Program Phase III

Elm Street Rendering - Reduced Whitespace

CARES was awarded state funding, both OTDA Homeless Housing Assistance Program and Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative to develop and operate a permanent, affordable housing project that will respond to the housing needs for formerly homeless persons who have HIV/AIDS, serious mental illness, and homeless young adults aged 18-25 (both single and parenting young adults) in the City of Albany. The project will fund development of 15 beautiful new apartments on decades' old empty land in the City of Albany. This new housing will help reduce homelessness in our City and add value to these neighborhoods by filling empty lots. CARES expects to break ground in January 2022.

Contact the Director

Jessica Loomis
Director, Case Management Services