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NY-507 Schenectady City & County CoC

Homeless Services Planning Board (HSPB)

The purpose of a Continuum is to:

  • Promote community wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness.
  • Provide funding for efforts by nonprofit providers, States, and local governments to quickly rehouse homeless individuals (including unaccompanied youth) and families while minimizing the trauma and dislocation caused to homeless individuals, families, and communities by homelessness.
  • Promote access to and effective utilization of mainstream programs for homeless individuals and families.
  • Optimize self-sufficiency among individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Within this page, you will find detailed information about the Schenectady CoC, including Board Members and their contact information, by-laws, upcoming meetings, meeting agendas and recorded minutes, and other pertinent information.

The Schenectady County Homeless Services Planning Board Membership is dedicated to preventing and eliminating homelessness while ensuring that an effective system of care and services is in place to respond to the needs of at-risk and homeless individuals and families.


Collaborative Applicant
CARES serves as the Collaborative Applicant for the Schenectady County Continuum of Care (CoC) and partners with Schenectady’s community members and local organizations to manage an effective Continuum.

Membership Documents

Email completed Membership Applications/Renewal Forms to: Kim Siciliano

HSPB Membership application – Approved: 10-13

HSPB Membership Renewal Form

HSPB Code of Ethics

Schenectady County Homeless Services Planning Board Conflict of Interest Policy

HSPB Monitoring Process

Please view the 2019 NOFA page for final documents: 2019 NOFA

Schenectady County Coordinated Entry

Schenectady County HSPB Board Information & Members

The Board of Directors shall conduct any and all business necessary to facilitate the  implementation of  the Schenectady County Homeless Services Planning Board mission, vision and purpose, including setting goals, objectives and plans for the achievement of  the purpose and mission, implementing  HUD Continuum of Care  requirements,  designing and implementing a collaborative process for the development, submission and approval  of  the annual application for HUD funding, determining the applicants, the  collaborative applicant or unified funding agency and approving the HUD Continuum of Care funding application, designating the HMIS lead, and ensuring that planning, systems development and implementation and program performance reviews occur in a collaborative and constructive manner.

The Board of Directors shall have overall responsibility for the operation of the Schenectady County Continuum of Care.

Phil Grigsby
Executive Director, SICM

Ed Kowalczyk
Executive Director, YMCA

Kimarie Sheppard
Executive Director, Bethesda House

Wendy Wahlberg
Deputy Director, Legal Aid Society of Northeastern NY

Debra Sivack
Associate Executive Director, New Choices Recovery Center

Dominick Sondrini
NY SSVF Field Supervisor, Soldier On

Joseph Gallagher
Executive Director, Mohawk Opportunities

Richard Homenick
Executive Director, Schenectady Municipal Housing Authority

Angelica Morris
Executive Director, Schenectady County Human Rights Commission

Jackie Mancini
Director of Development, City of Schenectady Department of Development

Debra Schimpf
Executive Director, Schenectady Community Action Program

Kim Siciliano
Executive Director, YWCA Northeastern NY

Committee Descriptions

Governance Committee:
This Committee develops and presents a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting, conducts reviews of and recommends actions to be taken with respect to bylaws and governance charter, and oversees the membership application and renewal process.

Data Committee:
This Committee reviews and prepares plans and recommendations and carries out action plans approved by the Board of Directors with respect to community wide data including, but not limited to, HMIS, PIT, YWCA, school districts, City Mission and DSS data to identify needs, trends, gaps, and emerging issues, the designation of the HMIS, and oversight of the operation of the HMIS.

Continuum of Care Committee:
This Committee reviews and prepares recommendations and actions related to funded agencies and the funding application, including the PIT count, performance of funded agencies, review of aggregate data of funded agencies with respect to performance targets and the funding application.

Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness Committee:
This Committee reviews and prepares plans and recommendations with respect to system planning, review of data, needs, and gaps in the overall implementation and coordination of the housing and service system.

HMIS Advisory Committee:
The purpose of this Committee is to work with the HMIS System Administrator to ensure proper and effective HMIS policies and procedures.

Capital Region Advisory Committee on Youth Homelessness
This committee spans over multiple CoC’s with a mission to provide leadership, develop, advocate, and coordinate community strategies to accurately count homeless youth.


Strategic Planning Committee
The purpose of the Strategic Planning Committee is to create a strategic plan to guide the work of the Continuum of Care to address homelessness in Schenectady County. The planning process is collaborative and has/will continue to engage community stakeholders whose work is important in this effort.

Committee members include: Brian Adams, Schenectady Municipal Housing Authority; Cassie McCracken, SAFE, Inc.; Debra Schimpf, SCAP; Digna Betancourt Swingle, Salvation Army; Dominick Sondrini, Soldier On; Kimarie Sheppard, Bethesda House; Naomi Wood, SCAP; Paul Brady, Schenectady County Department of Social Services; Richard Homenick, Schenectady Municipal Housing Authority; Wendy Wahlberg, Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York

HSPB CoC 2018 Strategic Planning Committee Workplan