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All Users

View instructional videos and documents on specific topics below:

CategoryTitle of ResourceResource TypeDate Added/UpdatedCreated By
Data CollectionHMIS User GuidePDF2018.1CRHMIS
HouseholdsAdd a New Household Member To an Existing HouseholdPDF2019.09CRHMIS
HouseholdsEdit Household Member InformationPDF2019.09CRHMIS
HouseholdsAdd Another Household Member at AdmissionPDF2019.09CRHMIS
HouseholdsWorking with Household CompositionPDF2018.03CRHMIS
DatesDates in AWARDSPDF2018.05CRHMIS
DatesRecording Housing Move-In DatePDF2018.02CRHMIS
UpdatesMoving Clients Between BedsPDF2017.12CRHMIS
UpdatesUpdate an Admission RecordPDF2017.12CRHMIS
UpdatesWhere to Update Required Client InformationPDF2017.12CRHMIS
UpdatesUpdating the Records of Discharged ClientsPDF2018.07CRHMIS
DischargesWhat to Use instead of 'Other' as a Client DestinationPDF2017.12CRHMIS
DischargesUndo a Discharge RecordPDF2017.12CRHMIS
Progress NotesPrinting Progress NotesPDF2017.12CRHMIS
Data CollectionUniversal Data Elements - Rationales for Collection (Why do we collect this information?)PDF2019.06CRHMIS
Data CollectionHMIS Data Collection - The Five W'sPDF2017.12CRHMIS
Annual Review2019 Annual User Review TrainingYouTube / Vimeo2019.02CRHMIS
AWARDS OverviewSetting Security DetailsPDF2017.1CRHMIS
AWARDS OverviewAWARDS Menu Fly-OutsPDF2019.01Foothold Technology/AWARDS
AWARDS OverviewAWARDS Menu Fly-OutsVideo2017.1Foothold Technology/AWARDS
Data QualityHMIS DQ: Part 1 - Why DQ MattersPDF2018.08CRHMIS
Data QualityHMIS DQ: Part 2 - Common Causes of Poor DQPDF2018.08CRHMIS
Data QualityHMIS DQ: Part 3 - Addressing and Improving Poor DQPDF2018.08CRHMIS
Data QualityHMIS DQ: Part 4 - More Ways to Improve DQPDF2018.09CRHMIS
ReportsView the AWARDS HMIS DQ ReportYouTube / Vimeo2017.05CRHMIS
ReportsSupervisory Tool - Service Contacts ReportsPDF2017.1CRHMIS
ReportsAWARDS Inline DetailYouTube / Vimeo2017.08CRHMIS
ReportsBookmarking Frequently Used ReportsPDF2017.12CRHMIS
ReportsExport and Upload Your CoC APR From AWARDS Into SageYoutube / Vimeo2017.05CRHMIS
ReportsUnderstanding the CoC APRPDF2017.1CRHMIS
RHYBasic Center Program (BCP) Data Collection - FYSB WebinarVideo2017.09FYSB
RHYUploading Youth Data - FYSB WebinarVideo2017.1FYSB
RHYStreet Outreach Program (SOP) Data Collection - FYSB WebinarVideo2017.1FYSB

New Users

Before log in credentials can be issued, all new CRHMIS AWARDS users must complete the CARES Regional HMIS New User Training Series below, and submit the documentation to Bill Robson.

Completion of ALL of the following is required.

All new users must watch the Part 1 AND Part 2 videos:

Part 1: Policies and Procedures (YOUTUBE / VIMEO)

Part 2: AWARDS Navigation (YOUTUBE / VIMEO)

And then ONE of the Part 3 videos (as per instructions):

Part 3a: CoC/ESG/STEHP Funded Projects (YOUTUBE / VIMEO) OR Part 3b: Outreach Projects (YOUTUBE / VIMEO)

Both documents must be filled out and submitted.

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