Albany City & County Continuum of Care

Albany County Coalition on Homelessness (ACCH)

The Albany County Coalition on Homelessness is dedicated to preventing and eliminating homelessness, while ensuring that an effective system of care and services is in place to respond to the needs of at-risk and homeless individuals and families.

ACCH Board


Nancy Andriano
Keith Brown
Mary Campagna
Liz Hitt (Co-Chair)
Renee Hollinshed
Perry Junjulas
Amy Lacey
Michele McClave

Kevin O’Connor
Frank Pindiak
Christine Rodriguez
Kristen Giroux
Kathy Leyden
Joe Sluszka
Dominick Sondrini (Co-Chair)
Wendy Wahlberg

ACCH Announcements:

FY 2018 AWARDS: The HUD 2018 Continuum of Care awards have been announced.
All NY-503 CoC Tier 1 and 2 renewal programs have been awarded!
POSTED: 2019 Rank & Review Documents

Community Engagement

  • System Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Strategic Plan

Governing Documents

  • Member Roster
  • Membership Application
  • Attendance Policy
  • Letter of Support Request Form
  • Letter of Support Policies and Procedures
  • Bylaws
  • CE Policies and Procedures
  • Written Standards
  • Scope of Work
  • HMIS Policies


  • Committee Meeting Calendar
  • Board Application
  • Fiscal Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Operations Committee
  • Systems Committee & Discharge Planning
  • HMIS Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • NOFA Committee