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Reports on Homelessness

CoCReporting YearCategoryReport
NY-507FY2020AnnualNY-507 FY2020 Annual Report
NY-507FY2019AnnualNY-507 FY2019 Annual System Performance Measures Report
NY-507FY2019AnnualNY-507 FY2019 Annual Report
NY-507FY2019QuarterlyNY-507 FY2019 4th Quarter Report
NY-507FY2019QuarterlyNY-507 FY2019 3rd Quarter Report
NY-507FY2019QuarterlyNY-507 FY2019 2nd Quarter Report
NY-507FY2019QuarterlyNY-507 FY2019 1st Quarter Report
NY-507FY2018AnnualSchenectady County FY 2018 Annual
NY-507FY2018QuarterlySchenectady FY 2018 4th Q
NY-507FY2018QuarterlySchenectady FY 2018 3rd Q
NY-507FY2018QuarterlySchenectady FY 2018 2nd Q
NY-507FY2018QuarterlySchenectady FY 2018 1st Q
NY-507FY2017AnnualSchenectady County FY 2017 Annual
NY-507FY2017QuarterlySchenectady FY 2017 4th Q
NY-507FY2017QuarterlySchenectady FY 2017 1st Q
NY-507FY2017QuarterlySchenectady FY 2017 3rd Q
NY-507FY2017QuarterlySchenectady FY 2017 2nd Q
NY-507FY2016AnnualSchenectady FY 2016 Annual
NY-507FY2016QuarterlySchenectady FY 2016 4th Q
NY-507FY2016QuarterlySchenectady FY 2016 3rd Q
NY-507FY2016QuarterlySchenectady FY 2016 2nd Q
NY-507FY2016QuarterlyQR Methodology
NY-507FY2016QuarterlySchenectady FY 2016 1st Q
NY-507FY2015AnnualSchenectady FY 2015 Annual
NY-507FY2015QuarterlySchenectady FY 2015 4th Q
NY-507FY2015QuarterlySchenectady FY 2015 4th Q – Infographics
NY-507FY2015QuarterlySchenectady FY 2015 3rd Q
NY-507FY2015QuarterlySchenectady FY 2015 3rd Q – Infographics
NY-507FY2015QuarterlySchenectady FY 2015 2nd Q
NY-507FY2015QuarterlySchenectady FY 2015 2nd Q – Infographic
NY-507FY2015QuarterlySchenectady FY 2015 2nd Q – GIS
NY-507FY2015QuarterlySchenectady FY 2015 1st Q
NY-507FYNY-507 Schenectady Data Completeness and Quality Report
NY-507CY2014AnnualSchenectady 2014 AHAR – All (Summary)
NY-507CY2014AnnualSchenectady 2014 AHAR – Veterans (Summary)
NY-507CY2014AnnualSchenectady 2014 AHAR – Veterans (Full)
NY-507CY2014AnnualSchenectady 2014 AHAR – All (Full)
NY-507CY2014QuarterlySchenectady 2014 2nd Quarter (April – June 2014)
NY-507CY2014QuarterlySchenectady 2014 3rd Quarter (July – September 2014)
NY-507CY2014QuarterlySchenectady 2014 1st Quarter (January – March 2014)
NY-507CY2013AnnualSchenectady 2013 4th Quarter & Annual (4Q: October – December 2013; Annual: January – December 2013)
NY-507CY2013AnnualSchenectady 2013 AHAR – All
NY-507CY2013AnnualSchenectady 2013 AHAR – Veterans
NY-507CY2012AnnualSchenectady 2012 Annual (January – December 2012)
NY-507CY2012AnnualSchenectady 2012 AHAR – Veterans (Summary)
NY-507CY2012AnnualSchenectady 2012 AHAR – All (Summary)


Highlights Universal Data Elements (required by HUD) with high levels of missing data and/or poor data quality.  Quality measures were added in 2018 to help communities improve data critical to System Performance Measures.

Produced on the first business day of every month.

Includes data from the beginning of the Federal Fiscal Year (October 1) through the last day of the most recent complete month.


Compiles data from all programs within the CoC to provide a comprehensive status update of the community.

Quarter 1 (Q1): October 1 – December 31
Quarter 2 (Q2): January 1 – March 31
Quarter 3 (Q3): April 1 – June 30
Quarter 4 (Q4): July 1 – September 30


In-depth look at client demographics within the CoC.

Produced at the end of the federal fiscal year.

Data from the entire Federal Fiscal year (October 1 – September 30).

CoCHUD Report TypeReport Source
NY-507CoC DashboardNY-507 Dashboard
NY-507HIC SummaryNY-507 HIC
NY-507CoC Awards by Program ComponentNY-507 Awards
NY-507CoC Homeless Populations and SubpopulationsNY-507 Populations
NY-507CoC Performance ProfileNY-507 CoC Performance Profile
NY-507CoC Grant Inventory WorksheetNY-507 CoC Grant Inventory Worksheet

Admission Data: Recent Trends