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As part of our community response to the Corona Virus crisis, the CARES Regional HMIS, with the guidance and encouragement of HUD, has moved up our timeline to make the HMIS more collaborative from July 1st, 2020 to May 4th 2020 with a few important changes.

The implementation of the full HMIS COVID Response will be phased in, this being the first step.

Beginning May 4th, most Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing project intakes will transition from the current Informed Inclusion (IC) and Release of Information (ROI) to a truncated version of those forms, which does not have an ROI.  Doing this as part of our COVID Response is within the parameters of our Policy and Procedure Manual and can be reverted to the ROI format after the threat of COVID and need to work more collaboratively has passed. All consumers who have had an intake since March 1st, 2020 will have their IC’s updated to reflect this model retroactively.

There are 2 exceptions to this new policy;

  1. Substance Abuse shelters will retain the ROI to comply with all NYS level regulations
  2. As always, RHY projects will remain as a default ‘do not share’ to comply with regulations


The purpose of this policy change is to allow for intake staff to have a better understanding of the movement of clients through the system and possible exposure to the virus.  By moving to this more collaborative model, all shelter staff with HMIS access will be able to immediately see the services path a consumer has taken since March 1st 2020 and make decisions on isolation, social distancing, and other housing needs.  If used in conjunction with a community level communication strategy, this will allow front line staff to better assess and serve our consumers. If you don’t know what communication strategy is in place in your community, please reach out to your collaborative applicant.