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About the CRHMIS

What is HMIS?

The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a secure, computerized data collection system used to produce an unduplicated count of persons using homeless services.

What does HMIS do?

The HMIS captures client-level information over time regarding the characteristics and service needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness. This information is then used for reporting, grant writing, and community planning.

Who is required to participate in HMIS?

All recipients of funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for homelessness and homelessness prevention services are required to participate in the HMIS. This includes recipients of:

  • Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) funds
  • Supportive Housing Program (SHP)
  • Shelter Plus Care (S+C)
  • Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation for Single Room Occupancy (SRO) program
  • Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)

In addition, HUD encourages participation of other federal programs that serve homeless persons.  

Who is not required to participate?

Participation of other organizations that do not receive HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) funding is voluntary, but strongly encouraged in order to achieve an accurate accounting of homeless services in the community.

CARES Regional Homeless Management Information System – CRHMIS

CARES, Inc. is the administrator of the largest regional Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) in New York State. CARES HMIS is continuously striving to find new ways to make HMIS a valuable resource to our community partners.

Advisory Committee

The CARES Regional Homeless Management Information System (CRHMIS) Advisory Committee acts as a liaison between CARES and the communities that CARES serves. The Advisory Committee looks to the community for guidance, and advises and directs the HMIS System Administrator in matters of policy and community impact. The Advisory Committee meets quarterly, and consists of two members from each Continuum of Care (CoC) within the CRHMIS. For more information, please feel free to contact us at


CARES uses Foothold Technology’s AWARDS software for the CRHMIS. Foothold Technology was chosen for their dedication to not-for-profit case management software services, customer service, and the security of their software. The AWARDS product is an internet-based system with password-protected user login.  Please visit their webpage for more information.

Security & Privacy

Security and privacy of all consumers in the HMIS is of paramount importance to CARES and participating agencies. There is no data sharing in the CARES Regional HMIS, so each user has access only to the client data within the agency and program(s) needed to perform their duties. Consistently evaluating and updating privacy and security precautions within the database itself and the policies and procedures surrounding its use ensures that all consumer data is protected.

CARES provides HMIS services for the following Continuums of Care (CoCs) in New York State:

NY-503 – Albany City & County CoC
NY-506 – Fulton, Montgomery, Schoharie Counties CoC
NY-507 – Schenectady City & County CoC
NY-512 – Troy/Rensselaer County CoC
NY-516 – Clinton County CoC
NY-519 – Columbia, Greene Counties Co
NY-520 – Franklin, Essex Counties CoC
NY-522 – Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence Counties CoC
NY-523 – Glen Falls, Saratoga Springs/Saratoga, Washington, Warren, Hamilton Counties CoC
NY-601 – Poughkeepsie/Dutchess County CoC
NY-602 – Newburgh, Middletown/Orange County CoC
NY-606 – Rockland County CoC
NY-608 – Kingston/Ulster County CoC



Please contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries about how your CoC could benefit from working with the CRHMIS team.

Allyson Thiessen
Director of HMIS Programs and Services (518) 489-4130 x103
Kelli Clark
HMIS System Administrator (518) 489-4130 x113
Sue Palmer
HMIS Customer Service Representative (845) 616-4894
Lisa Droege
HMIS Customer Service Representative (518) 489-4130 x120
Terry O’Brien
HMIS Data Analyst (518) 489-4130 x115
Emily Rebehn
HMIS Data Analyst (518) 489-4130 x117
Rachel Bradt
HMIS Quality Assurance Specialist (518) 489-4130 x121
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