NY-507 Schenectady County Homeless Services Planning Board (HSPB)

The purpose of a Continuum is to:

  • Promote community wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness.
  • Provide funding for efforts by nonprofit providers, States, and local governments to quickly rehouse homeless individuals (including unaccompanied youth) and families while minimizing the trauma and dislocation caused to homeless individuals, families, and communities by homelessness.
  • Promote access to and effective utilization of mainstream programs for homeless individuals and families.
  • Optimize self-sufficiency among individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Within this page, you will find detailed information about the Schenectady CoC, including Board Members and their contact information, by-laws, upcoming meetings, meeting agendas and recorded minutes, and other pertinent information.

CoC Committee Information

Governance Committee:
This Committee develops and presents a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting, conducts reviews of and recommends actions to be taken with respect to bylaws and governance charter, and oversees the membership application and renewal process.

Data Committee:
This Committee reviews and prepares plans and recommendations and carries out action plans approved by the Board of Directors with respect to community wide data including, but not limited to, HMIS, PIT, YWCA, school districts, City Mission and DSS data to identify needs, trends, gaps, and emerging issues, the designation of the HMIS, and oversight of the operation of the HMIS.

Continuum of Care Committee:
This Committee reviews and prepares recommendations and actions related to funded agencies and the funding application, including the PIT count, performance of funded agencies, review of aggregate data of funded agencies with respect to performance targets and the funding application.

Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness Committee:
This Committee reviews and prepares plans and recommendations with respect to system planning, review of data, needs, and gaps in the overall implementation and coordination of the housing and service system.

HMIS Advisory Committee:
The purpose of this Committee is to work with the HMIS System Administrator to ensure proper and effective HMIS policies and procedures.

Capital Region Advisory Committee on Youth Homelessness
This committee spans over multiple CoC’s with a mission to provide leadership, develop, advocate, and coordinate community strategies to accurately count homeless youth.

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