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Rensselaer County Membership Information & Documents

Membership in RCHSC will be open to individuals and organizations committed to ending homelessness in Rensselaer County. At least annually, the RCHSC will issue a public invitation for new members. The RCHSC will endeavor to include members of all relevant organizations in the covered counties, including but not limited to nonprofit homeless assistance providers, victim service providers, faith-based organizations, governments, businesses, housing advocates, public housing agencies, school districts, social service providers, mental health agencies, hospitals, universities, affordable housing developers, law enforcement, organizations that serve veterans, and homeless or formerly homeless individuals.

Organizations can have more than one member. In such instances, the organization will pay only one dues fee and will have one vote.

Rensselaer CoC Governance Charter:

Rensselaer CoC Membership Form: 2017-18 Rensselaer Continuum of Care Membership Application

Board Slate: RCHSC Board Slate 2017-18

Rensselaer County Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness: Rensselaer-County-Plan-to-End-Homelessness

City of Troy ESG RFP: City of Troy ESG RFP (2016-1017)

Rensselaer 2017 Rank and Review: 

2017 RCHSC Monitoring Process: RCHSC Data and Goals Committee Monitoring Process

Rensselaer County Homeless Service Collaborative Written Standards: Rensselaer County Homeless Services Collaborative Written Standards

Rensselaer County Resource Directory: Rensselaer Co. Homeless Services Directory 6.2017





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