ACCH System Collaboration Committee

System Collaboration Committee:
The Committee prepares plans for review and approval by the Board with respect to: coordinating with ESG program providers on ESG funding allocations, reporting and evaluation of program outcomes, establishing and operating a system for the assessment of needs of households seeking housing and services, facilitating dialogue and strategic action among public, private, and non-profit sectors to prevent and end homelessness, promoting affordable housing, and consulting and coordinating with the State and City of Albany in the development, updating, and implementation of the Consolidated Plans including established goals.


Dominick Sondrini, Chair

Maria Grillo, Chair

Kristen Giroux

Maggire Cusprine

Robin Roberts

Sarah Latzko

Erin Reale

Valerie Sacks

Wendy Wahlberg

Louisa Marra

Liz Hitt

Leticia Lind

Jeannette Hemingway

Faye Andrews

Donna Maylath

David Bradley

Crystal Steele

Willie Leak

Michael Asbury

Jim Ketcham


Meeting Minutes: 


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