ACCH Continuum of Care Operations Committee

Continuum of Care Operations Committee:
The Committee prepares plans for review and approval by the Board, and carries out action plans approved by the Board with respect to: developing and establishing performance targets and outcomes, conducting evaluation and monitoring of program performance (including review of HMIS) and taking action, as warranted, in a constructive and positive manner, establishing written standards, and ensuring compliance with HUD requirements concerning the designation and operation of HMIS.

Current Members:

Steve Lape, Chair

Nancy Andriano, Co-Chair

Maggie Cusprine

Marcus May

Mary Oill

Christina Mead

Dawn Pasquarell

Janine Robitaille

Joe Sluszka

Karen Karl

Kathy Magee

Lyn Mack

Rachel Alexander

Willie Leak

Perry Junjulas


Meeting Minutes

ACCH Operations Committee Meeting Minutes December 14 2016
ACCH Operations Meeting Minutes 3.8.16


Site Visit Schedule

ACCH Operations Committee – 2017 Site Visit Schedule

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